About Us

  • Brand

    Established in 2008, the brand has redefined the concept of ceiling fans in Singapore. Embodiment of perfection is the only constant for SPIN. The brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence continues with its Ultra Dynamic Direct Current (UDDC™) Motor and state-of-the-art engineering of its airfoils. Our ceiling fans are committed to deliver on its tagline - The Epitome of Natural Wind.

  • Vision

    We envision a future where ceiling fans can be fused with artistic elements while maintaining its functionality and innovation.

  • Mission

    SPIN’s persistent exploration into the integration of form, function and technology reinvigorate its compelling drive to create ceiling fans of exquisite craftsmanship. A timeless addition to any space, SPIN is the quintessence of both class and luxury.

Why choose Spin?

Minimalistic/ Timeless design

SPIN fans complement modern homes and establishments, and is perceived as a stand-alone art piece on its own. We believes that simplicity is the key to sophistication. Thus, at SPIN we revolutionize conventional spinning fan with simple yet refine technology. A design which withstand the test of time.

Premium Colours

SPIN comes in three different colours; Savannah (Walnut Grain), Espada (Matt Black), and Quincy (Pearl White). Savannah enhances your surrounding with a touch of nature and Scandinavian feel. While, Espada infuses style and Quincy accentuates elegance.

Natural Air Flow

SPIN fan's 6 speed Dual Core remote control also comes with an “N” Mode function for natural wind flow, bringing you the luxury of simulated sea breeze at the comfort of your home.

Double Ply Aerodynamic Airfoils

SPIN uses ultra-sound technology to seamlessly integrate the double ply aerodynamic airfoils, which highly reduces air resistance, creating wind efficiency that surpasses conventional fans.

Innovative Airfoil Attachment

SPIN’s fan has an unclad Airfoil attachment design with an avant garde visual appeal, which is absent in conventional ceiling fans. Thus, giving your living environment an artistic atmosphere.

Fan Installation

Unlike conventional ceiling fan which usually comes with an extension rod, SPIN offers the flexibility of both hugger and rod attachment adapting to different variations of ceiling heights. Hence, exceeding what a conventional ceiling fan can achieve.


SPIN fans uses our innovative Ultra Dynamics DC MotorTM (UDDC). Compared to typical AC motor, our UDDCTM motor consists of toroid magnets, making it more energy efficient (70% more efficient than traditional AC fans) while keeping the motor cool and effectively improving the fan’s life span.

Energy Saving Tri Light Kit

SPIN offers an exclusive LED module that can be integrated seamlessly with our fans. Our LED kit consumes a mere 19W but produces a magnificent 1500 lumen light. It also comes with three unique colour tone: Day, Warm, and Cool.

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